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Admission Policy

Fairfield Preparatory School is an independent school, open to boys and girls aged 4 to 11 (National Curriculum years Reception to Year 6).

The school is part of the Loughborough Endowed Schools which also includes Loughborough High School (upper school for girls) and Loughborough Grammar School (upper school for boys).

Most children progress from Fairfield to the upper schools, but that progress is not automatic and pupils sit the 11+ examination on equal terms with external candidates.

The major points of entry are at 4+ (for entry into Reception) and 7+, 8+, 9+ and 10+ for entry into years 3 to 6.

The school is open to applications from boys and girls, irrespective of race, nationality, colour, ethnic or national origin, religion or creed, disability or previous educational background.

In particular, the school is fully aware of its responsibilities to ensure compliance with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Act and Gender discrimination legislation.

Admission to the school depends on meeting the criteria required.  The school endeavours to encourage as wide a range of applications as possible.


Every candidate must be registered prior to the date laid down each year by the school.  There is an application fee of £50.00 per child which must be paid on registration and this is non refundable.


The parents of successful candidates are sent the following:-

Form of Acceptance (white in colour – for parents to sign and return to Fairfield)
Form of Acceptance (blue in colour – for parents to retain for their records)
Loughborough Endowed Schools Terms and Conditions
Loughborough Endowed Schools Direct Debit form
current Behaviour Management Policy document
(A form at the back of this policy document requires a signature to confirm acknowledgement and acceptance)

A photocopy of the child’s Birth Certificate is also requested, so that our records can be verified.

Upon receipt of the completed :-

Form of Acceptance (white)
Direct Debit form
Behaviour Management Policy acknowledgement and acceptance form
Photocopy of child’s Birth Certificate
£300 deposit (which will be refunded at the end of a child’s schooling at Fairfield – usually at the end of Year 6  – or providing the required notice of one term is given if a child is to leave before the end of Year 6).  Loughborough Endowed Schools staff are not required to pay this deposit.

A letter of confirmation is sent to the parents containing the following:-

A letter from Loughborough Endowed Schools Bursary, regarding paying bills by ParentMail®
Return form for the above
Return envelope to the Bursary
Booklet – “Pay school fees monthly”

If the child entering school in September is going into a Reception class, the following are also included:-

Early Years Funding letter
Early Years Funding form (to return)
Early Years Education – Parent’s Statement of Undertaking letter
Early Years Education – Parent’s Statement of Undertaking form (to return)
Letter (and return form at the foot of the page, if required) inviting pre-school children to attend Kindergarten Music Classes

Further documents

 On an evening in June, preceeding the September a child will start at Fairfield, a New Parents’ Evening is held to inform parents of their child’s class for the next academic year and to acquaint them with life at Fairfield.

The following documents are sent to parents prior to New Parents’ Evening.  The items with an asterix require parent’s to complete and return before New Parents’ Evening.

Confidential and Health Information Form      *
Lunch Time Arrangements                                 *
Arrangements for Children Going Home         *
ParentMail® Letter
ParentMail® Form                                                 *
Responsible Internet Form                                 *
Responsible Internet Letter                              *
Responsible Internet Rules
Special Educational Needs Policy
Uniform List
Dates for the next academic year
Bus routes (for Years 3 – 6 only)
Further Information booket for next academic year
Notes for the guidance of parents and children